13 years of travel writing – and a bit more about me

This year will be 13 years since I first started writing about my travels online. That’s not quite going back to the days of having to print photo’s from film and scan them in, but it certainly dates back to before smart phone’s. Back then getting online was dependent on slow desktop pc’s in dark and dingy, mosquito infested, internet cafe’s.

Since then technology has changed everything of course, but the sights and experiences are much the same. My style of writing and travel has also changed – hopefully for the better.

My blog

Back in 2006, I created a journal on Travelpod (still viewable on Travelark) that was to keep friends and family updated from my travels around South America. This was my first big trip and both my attitude and experience came through in my writing – I was a novice! I’ve kept the writing going, for each trip since, on and off, until 2012. That’s when my blog became a bit more serious. I wanted to share more advice and recommendations from my travels. This was interjected with Travelpod journal entries, until I returned to the UK at the end of 2013.

I’m not one of those “I quit my job to travel” bloggers, so my writing continued to be sporadic between trips.

Here in my recently revamped site I try to keep my posts regular, but after losing a lot of traffic due to some issues with the update, I’m slowly trying to increase visitors and interest.

My travels

Those who know me will be aware that I’m more a flashpacker than a backpacker, but still trying to visit places on a budget rather than in luxury.

I could never make travel blogging a lifestyle – for one, I don’t want my life to be just about travel.

As my posts a few years ago allured to, the fact is, real travel isn’t always that great and long term travel isn’t for everyone. However, when I travel, I do it my own way. Those that read my posts more regularly, or know me personally, will have picked up on my endeavours to give something back, find opportunities to volunteer and experience local life. I tend to return to places rather than just try to tick a list.

The creative aspect to my travels is the first thing I try to consider when planning a trip. Although, I just don’t get as many opportunities as I like to pursue this when on the road. Often I just take home bits and include these in my smashbook (scrapbook), project life photo album or handmade cards.

Those days of solo travel are behind me. Now, I have to be mindful of my other half – who enjoys the history of a place. This has certainly opened some new experiences along the way, particularly when returning to a destination.

And now

My last big trip was 6 years ago, but I still try to take at least 1 significant trip (for more than a week) every year.

What else do I do when I’m not travelling? My post back in 2015 pretty much summed this up for me at the time, and not much has really changed to be honest.

I like to think I put myself and my travels first, but every year it’s a real challenge to achieve this.

If you’re still reading, thanks. If you’re just stopping by, and are after some travel related advice – do take a look around, leave a comment or get in touch. There is plenty more from my travels to come, I’m currently trying to fix up my site, so do check back soon or subscribe (to get new posts via email), follow me on Facebook or Twitter and please do share my site and posts.

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