Friday, 28 December 2012

So far in Arizona

Well, I've been in Arizona for about 10 days now, so thought it time for a quick update!  Hope everyone is well x

Close to Bullhead City, where I am staying, is the Wild West, so of course I've spent a day in the famous town of Oatman hanging out with the Burros (donkeys) and I've just got back from a road trip to the Grand Canyon, which is a very different experience during zero temperatures, but one not to be missed.

Check out my most recent posts for more:

Oatman - Burros and desert views.

Road trip - Desert to world wonder

Plenty more to come :)...

Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Road Trip: desert to world wonder

Wow, the Grand Canyon in the snow is pretty awesome... then again I haven't seen it in the 'not snow' :).

Check out more from details my travels as poster here: Road trip: desert to world wonder

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Westward bound

I normally research a place to the extreme prior to visiting, but I made it a point not to do that with Vegas or Arizona and instead am relying a little on those that I am staying with who know these places almost as well as I know London :).

I have just two places I definitely want to visit, the obvious one being Vegas and the other the Grand Canyon.  So as I prepare to take my 10 hour long flight, I have no guide book to absorb on the way and little more than a feeling that this is going to be an amazing experience!

Fingers crossed I get to see this view :)
Check back soon for what I get up to, subject to the World ending as per the the Mayans on the 21st December.

All that is left to say is that I hope you have a very lovely Christmas and New Year x 

Monday, 17 December 2012

Positive about London

Well, I've had a rather positive day catching up with a few people and prepping for my next trip.  

I also found out that I won a kindle and an ebook, and then found myself caught up reading it... which reminded me that I hadn't uploaded my photos from my last trip to London.  The book is about London and hence the reminder.  With such a positive review on the site I won it from (see details here) I'm already getting stuck in, but I managed to tear myself away to get my last trip onto Travelpod to share with you too.

After my day trip to London last month, I decided to spend a few days there and even had my own personal guide ;), so I'm definitely now much more positive about London.

London's museum are great as they are nearly all free to visit.  However I have to recommend the Churchill War Rooms, which must be one of the only museums that you have to pay to see.  But it is worth it, albeit pricey - perhaps there is a way to get discounted tickets or a special deal, they certainly have the option to enter a promotional code on the website for booking in advance?

Check out more details of my visit and the highlights from my 'A real touristy experience' blog post, following my few days in London earlier this month.

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

A tribute to Cambridge: accommodation offerings

I've tried and tested hotels, B&B's and serviced apartments as well as living in rented accommodation during my year or so of working in Cambridge.  Now as promised here are my views on a selection of what is available...

Sunday, 9 December 2012

Take them anywhere...

...and for anything!

What am I referring to?  No, not my beloved crocs...

I received a little package in the post containing some samples of of what can only be described as little sachets (in a strip) of tissues and wipes.

As the name goodtogoanywhere suggests, these little handy packs do just fit into a pocket or handbag, or in my case my geocaching, hiking and travel bag... ie they are good for anywhere.  I have now carried these with me on my trip to Budapest, day trip to London, out geocaching (just a couple) and whilst hiking in the Lake District.

Usually I would carry tissues, wet wipes and antibacterial hand wash to all these places and often just have a pack of tissues in my handbag on a normal working day. 

With these strips I get all 3 in one which means less weight/bulk... and more space for snacks, trackables and anything else I care to carry... so ideal :)!

I did find that the tissues were a little more like those screen wipes bought for cleaning your PC, and a bit odd for blowing your nose on, but they are advertised as 'soft absorbent tissue for wiping whatever you need to' with no mention nose blowing, plus they still achieve the desired effect.

The only downside is the individual wrappers that you have to find a bin for and that could potentially end up being unfriendly on the environment and is that really sustainable these days?

Overall however, I think these little sachets are ingenious... you have to try them to appreciate what I'm saying :).

Check out the goodtogoanywhere website here or why not order some from Ickle Bockles here, as they also supply some lovely travel toiletries and flight compliant bottles which I can highly recommend (see past review here).

Friday, 30 November 2012

I'm off... not sure where to

Well, it's my last day of work today... and then I'm having a little break to catch up on all those things I haven't done in the last few months.
I'm quite excited but also a little bit sad to be leaving some lovely people behind. 
I will be off on my travels somewhere soon no doubt, just need to work out a plan, book a flight and then go :).  So, in the meantime keep checking back as I still have a couple of travel related products to review and will be sharing my in sights on the variety of accommodation available in Cambridge (UK) :).

Monday, 26 November 2012

Another answer to weight restrictions

With possible plans for some more extensive travels in the coming months I thought it was time to determine whether I should give solid shampoo bars another go or continue to decant my favourite products into those cute ickle bockles that I recently shared with you.

I've tried solid shampoo in the past, and have always been largely impressed by the lifespan of these little 'pucks'.  However I personally found it necessary to arm myself with a decent liquid conditioner as well in order to address the 'drying' effect that the solid shampoo bar seemed to have on my hair after a period of time.
Now, it seems Lush have a solid conditioner bar as well, so I had to give this a go.
My first impressions were that not only did the conditioner bar not fit in the 'purpose built' tin (it was about a cm too thick and impossible to get the lid on!) but the shampoo bar was also slightly too big and would cause issues when trying to get it out.  However I wasn't going to let that deter me from giving it a go.  After all these things will reduce in size in time and eventually fit into the tin, or I can find an alternative container, which incidentally might avoid the product fixing itself to the inside of tin (as I had previously experienced) when it is left wet.
There are definitely some pros and cons to these products, which leaves me debating whether the extra weight of liquid alternatives or a combination of the solid and liquid options might be my best approach:
- Lathers up very easily and you don't need much product.
- Lasts for ages, definitely outweighing the lifespan of a small bottle of liquid shampoo.
- Smells great, and the smell is retained in your hair for longer compared to most shampoos I have used.
- Is lightweight and ideal for travel.
- There are plenty of different choices for different hair types.
- Initially didn't fit in the 'purpose built' tin - disappointing but soon overcome once used a few times.
- Used alone, did leave my hair dry albeit 'squeaky' clean.
- Can disintegrate if left wet or not dried before storing.  Tends to stick to the container and would become messy if left in the shower and not dried out properly.

- Fabulous smell.
- Leaves hair reasonably well conditioned, although drier than other products, which may be due to my hair being very fine.
- Created a flyaway/static feel to my hair unless I used other products when styling afterwards.
- Is lightweight and ideal for travel.
- Issue fitting in tin and still doens't fit after over a week of use.
- It is necessary to use liquid conditioner intermittently - may be a consequence of my hair type.
- Like with the shampoo bar it needs to be dried fully before storage.
So in conclusion I would say that as long as you are not moving from location to location and have time to let these bars dry out properly they do provide a lightweight alternative to liquid shampoo/conditioner.  I personally find that a few days use whilst in one location can be alternated with liquid products when you don't have time for the bars to dry and this also allows the drying effects of the products on your hair, which became evident after 3/4 days of use, to be controlled.
The frustrations of these products not fitting in the tins can easily be overcome by finding an alternative container, which also means it doesn't end up stuck to the inside of the tin - I recommend something plastic instead.
So perhaps there is some value in taking these bars along on a extended trip, but you can't beat the liquid alternative.  I highly recommend the ickle bockles range of shampoo and conditioners which are available here as they really are luxury and left my hair feeling completely replenished.

I finish work at the end of this week and then will be looking to recuperate for a bit and get a few things done for myself that I have neglected these past months.  After that my plans are to get away and take a break - call it a career break of sorts.
Check back for more on this soon, or if you have any suggestions of where I should go for Christmas (bearing in mind I am not planning to celebrate this year) I would love to hear them.

Monday, 19 November 2012

Weekend in Cumbria

The main reason for my trip was to celebrate my aunt's 60th, and that we did in style.  However it was also a chance to reflect on life 2 years on.


Check out my review of Rheged, Cumbria and a few other thoughts...

2 years on - Penrith, United Kingdom Travel Blog

Friday, 16 November 2012

Lakes memories on a life changing day

I've lost count of how many times I've been to the Lake District and I have many fond memories there. 
After my other half passed away in 2010 we planted trees a the National Trust site in his memory.  I'm still a regular visitor, and this weekend I will be there once more.
Why not check out some of my favourite places and related blog entries to see what this beautiful area of the UK has to offer:
1) Scafell Pike - needs no explanation! Practising for the 3 Peaks via brown tongue (!) and a memorial walk that is only for Superman.  But incidentally I thought Scafell was better (Another Sca-fell)
Wastwater - view from Mickledore

2) Cockshott Point - Bowness on Windermere doesn't in my view feel like you are in the Lake District (see my initial quick lakes stop post), but despite that, this little area owned by the National Trust is lovely.  After agreeing designs for tree guards and planting trees here, I often return to this peaceful spot.
3) Wainwrights 214 mountains - I've only so far accomplished 10 (I think, as have misplaced my trusty list) so have a way to go and my last climb was over a year ago (see here) as I don't really think you can enjoy is at much alone and it's a struggle to find anyone to join me :(.  I am still of course going to attempt to bag them all some time :).
Today is 2 years to the day, with the anniversary on Monday.  For those of you that know me, I'm usually a very private person (despite my travel and crafting posts) but I can't let this day go unmentioned as the day that completely changed my life.  That is a fact that I am still learning to live with every single day despite accepting that life goes on!
To everyone who knew or loved Nick, my thoughts are with you today x

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Kendal Mountain Festival

I'm off to the Lake District tonight, albeit a late drive after work, so sadly will be missing the opening event at the Kendal Mountain Festival.  It's free so if you fancy stopping by check it out - details can be found here.

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

My must have travel item

It's the standard question I often stumble across when flitting around on the web for travel related articles offering advice... and everyone has their own view, albeit usually very similar.
Books (more recently kindles/ipads/tablets), a phone, camera, and all the other obvious answers come up time and time again... but for me it's something a little different ;)!
Being a keen crafter (see my other blog here) I've quite recently properly got into combining this with my love of travelling... and can always be found with my scrap book (or Smash book) stashed in my bag.  All those little bits and pieces that I pick up along the way and usually find at the bottom of a bag or in pockets, when finally unpacking everything at the end of a trip... now have a home of their own.
Of course it doesn't change the fact that most of this 'rubbish' isn't of much interest to anyone, but it's always nice to flick through the pages sometime in the future and remind yourself of a trip.  I of course have my other blog (interjected with posts on this site) to keep me reminiscing, but I still won't stop taking this must have travel item away with me :).
Here's the results of my recent trip to Budapest... a little lacking in the normal craft accessories and embellishments that I usually try to get in on the action of course ...

Monday, 12 November 2012

London: just a taster

Update: August 2014: For a more recent post on London check out: On a Budget: Free and discounted things to do in London.


My trip into London for the day on Saturday had been planned for sometime, but I didn't plan until the last minute what I was actually going to do there. 

Thank you to all those who contributed to my requests for recommendations, all were gratefully received.

My Travelpod has now been updated here with what I managed to cover off, and I have to make it clear that I didn't actually spend any money (other than on transport and food/drink) and had one of the nicest days I have had there so far, because of that fact.  Thankfully the rain held off too.

In conclusion I can now almost say that those 'hate' feelings surrounding my experience of London in the past are starting to lift.  I found this interesting post that somehow puts into perspective the feelings I had and now how I feel more positive about them. 

Today was just a taster, as I still have a way to go to be convinced that London is a great a city as some people believe it to be, but I have plans to ensure I see some of the tourist spots as well as those off the beaten track locations sometime soon.  Fingers crossed.

Saturday, 10 November 2012

Over the rainbow: to London

London usually features in top cities of the world lists, but it has always been firmly on my list of places I don't particularly like.  I think this goes back to the days of having to suffer the commute into the city in the early hours for endless days/weeks/months of torment on mindless tasks at work.  I haven't had to endure that for years, but the misery and pain experienced resurfaces every time I think of London.

With my new travel site and travelblog needing some readers, I can't possibly give up on the capital of my home country... and I need to improve my followers or I will never get that travel writing job I dream of!
So today, I'm off to try to change some of my views and start over with this place.  Although it's not like I haven't tried many times before...I love the theatre and meeting up with friends in the city and have often found this is the only way I can feel myself starting to appreciate what it has to offer. 
As an incentive I've got myself a Rainbow Day ticket for just £10 for the journey into London on the train... it's a small start to being more positive!
Still, the inevitable feeling of hating city life returns and the thought of how expensive, polluted and full of people who ignore you seriously turns my stomach.  Remembering my new positivity pact and taking a different perspective I thought I'd get involved in something historical, the Lord Mayors Show (or at least my best attempt at fighting the crowds for a peek at those floats - lol).  I can't imagine I will be able to deal with all that excitement for too long, so will be looking for other options.
Having already asked a few London 'fans' for recommendations I have a few more ideas - but need more.  So, if you have any last minute recommendations along the route this morning, or in the London Bridge area from lunchtime... you know where to find me to let me know?
Wish me luck!

Friday, 9 November 2012

Ickle Bockles

After my experience last month of travelling with a low cost airline (yes - maybe I have been living the life of luxury in terms of flights in the last couple of years!) I knew that I had to get myself organised for my trip to Budapest.
Whilst looking for an answer I came across something worth trying out...

And to my amazement, when my package arrived, these lovely little items were even better than expected.  The best thing is I can fill everything with my own favourite products and most of all I love the perfume atomiser as it means I won't have any issues taking my favourite fragrance with me abroad anymore. 
These ickle bockles have been around a while as I've read quite a few reviews in magazines, on amazon and across the web, but you really have to try them out to appreciate how stylish they are compared to some of the other competition on the market.  I haven't planned another trip yet, but will be taking them with me overnight on my remaining jaunts to Cambridge (for what is left of work :( ) and will probably find myself using them at home too; rather than hunting down the bottles that I have decanted my potions and lotions from lol.
Do have a look at their website as they have added some new products recently which I will be reviewing in another upcoming post and can also recommend.
Even better than that, check out this site for more info on how these products came about (cute story) and your chance to win some of the products - I would just love to get my hands on those delicious looking toiletries :).

Friday, 2 November 2012

Little break

I'm off to Budapest for a few days for a little break, after being very ill last weekend I will be taking it easy.

To take advantage of the earlier flights I'm departing from Luton, so had the joy of joining the Friday commuters into the city and back out again... Surprisingly it was extremely easy , i think everyone is off (half term?).

Arriving at Kings Cross I was instantly reminded of my last visit here, when I was off to Paris via Eurostar :(.

The station hasn't changed but they have added a handful of free standing pianos which are painted in a variety of artwork. The great thing is they are available to play and I did spot one very good pianist who was immersed in the moment ...

Check back in a few days for Budapest highlights, although I have been before so hopefully I'll be sharing something new, particularly as the weather is a lot colder than last time I was there.

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Next stop: Budapest, Hungary

Yes, indeed I have been there before!  I used to think that I needed to tick as many countries off the list as possible, but then I have been to Malaysia several times, Mexico twice and numerous other places time and time again.
Budapest is definitely somewhere I highly recommend... something for everyone springs to mind!
Check out my last trip there in September last year here and check back next month for my next visit...

Monday, 22 October 2012

Walking boots: 7 years on

Yesterday I braved a 12 mile walk around Leatherhead in Surrey, which turned into a washout due to the pouring rain, but my trusty 7 year old walking boots stood up to the bad weather as always. 
My chosen combination of boots and waterproof trousers were a complete blessing, after almost 5 hours walking in the pouring rain.  I was caked in mud but I was warm and dry in terms of my feet. 

Normally I don't plan for the rain in respect of my lower body and just venture out with my raincoat as a means of keeping the wet out.  That means I almost always get caught out by having non waterproof trousers and no gaiters, which leads to water getting in my boots; still no blisters though (touch wood!).

So now I'm looking for new hiking boots that will last me the next 7 years and honestly don't know where to start.

I purchased my current Columbia Vibram boots back at the start of 2005, ahead of my trip to Peru, Machu Picchu to be precise.  I trialled them out on a couple of lengthy walks in preparation for the trip and wearing them in... but even the first 10 miles (or so) they didn't give me blisters. 
To be honest, the only time I find potential blistering discomfort is when I wear normal (thinner) socks and not proper thick hiking socks, so I always ensure I have at least a couple of pairs of my hiking socks packed.
Experience has taught me that you really can't beat good footwear when it comes to hiking boots and parting with this pair is going to be really hard. 

Accompanying me on many a trip and on numerous walks as well as rescuing me in the bad snow during the winter... they will of course still have a place in my garage and make an appearance from time to time.

I will be scouting around for recommendations so all suggestions will be appreciated.  I have a straightforward criteria, as long as they are waterproof, support my ankles, are less clumpy and don't give me blisters, then I'm sure I will be just as happy with my new boots for the next 7 years. 
PS We clocked 43 geocaches so I'm now past the 1200 mark :).

Saturday, 20 October 2012

Looking for recommendations

Ideal locations for my next trip are in the Latin American or Asia regions... I just can't decide exactly where yet, although I have been doing a lot of research and reading up. 
I have to say that Cuba is top of the list currently, and has been for the last 3 years as I have planned to go there since 2009 but not yet made it for one or other reason!
In total I've visited over 60 countries, according to my Travelpod I've clocked 62, but that does include a stop over in Tokyo (doesn't count) and I'm pretty sure I'm missing a few other places, such as Malta...
So, where haven't I been and where do you recommend?  I'm looking for ideas for this December and in my search I hope to get a few guest writers to share where they have been (that I have not) here on my site in the coming weeks.

Got an idea, have a story to share, then just let me know.  I can be contacted via email at

Friday, 19 October 2012

Creative walking

If you don't know already, other than my love of travelling, I love to craft and I'm a Independent demonstrator for Stampin' Up!
If you're interested please do check out my craft blog here
Yesterday's post included my latest scrapbook/smash book page displaying the small collection of bits and pieces that I picked up whilst in Lake Garda over the weekend.
As a traveller, I am also a very keen walker. In fact on my to do list remains a large number of the 214 Wainwright mountains to climb in the Lake District, but fortunately I have the rest of my lifetime to try and achieve them :).

Last year I got properly introduced to the world of geocaching which is a outdoor treasure hunt game, and have been completely addicted ever since. Whatever the weather you will often find me out and about somewhere, if I'm not travelling or crafting the hours away, that is.

In August, I collected my 1000th geocache, just over a month before the 1st year anniversary of my first find, back on 23rd September 2011.

And what better way to mark both those occasions than to combine my other hobby with my love of the outdoors and create something for my scrapbook to mark the occasion.

You will see that Stampin' Up! products have got some use on these pages but anyone can create a scrapbook without much effort, in this 'Smash' style.  Check out this link to see what a Smash book is all about.

I love them as I can cart one around with me wherever I go, glue and stick things in that I pick up along the way and it doesn't have to me neat and tidy :).

So to clarify... I love to travel, I love to walk and I love to craft ... and I can combine all these things and often do ;).

Friday, 12 October 2012

Low cost airlines - cheap or cheeky

There is something to be said for travelling on a low cost airline.  Certainly an experience that I haven't had the pleasure of in what must have been a couple of years.

You may be shocked to hear that I, a supposedly seasoned traveller, was surprised at what this involved.

Having to cram my liquids into just one small plastic bag for honestly the first time in a very long time. Usually I have my customary lip balm and hand sanitiser, but this time was required to empty the majority of the contents of my wash bag into my hand luggage to get through security, and all because I had carry on luggage.  Where have I been and why have I missed this vital piece of info about travelling with EasyJet - clearly on another airline!

I have in the past, always left everything in my case and gotten through with security non the wiser.  In fact, today I have proved it's a pointless rule as I was pulled aside and asked for my passport?  My laptop, which I had failed to bring out for inspection, or the bottle of perfume still stashed in my case for fear of it being confiscated for exceeding the 100ml, were both ignored and instead they chose to 'swab' my ticket and passport - what for, who knows... this is definitely a mystery that remains, having experienced a similar treatment many times before!

I think my fellow traveller was just glad that we hadn't been sectioned for a supposed 'naked scan' as she is convinced we had been last time we flew together.  That's another story, as is the strip search encounter ;).

Anyway, as we queued for boarding it was then that the reality about one piece of baggage became apparent. I put my hand up to not having a clue about this at all, until now.  

However, we were hopeful that I may just be able to get away with it, so I pushed in front to ensure any problems I may cause could be discretely dealt with to one side and not delay the flight.  Still bemused that I seriously couldn't carry my hand luggage on board, I was quietly thinking that perhaps paying to take it would be easier.

Expecting to be made a public display of, I was disappointed at not even being given an option.  Instead the steward requested that I simply put the said bag into my case, without a fuss, so all I could do was admit defeat and attempt to offload my belongings and stuff what was left into my already bulging stash. Unfortunately I hadn't chosen to travel light today... but we got there in the end, despite the 4 pairs of shoes which were taking up all the space ;).

I have since carried out a little research on this one piece of baggage rule and it seems it only applies to certain airports.  Following the removal of this requirement in 2008 by most other airlines EasyJet chose to continue this approach.  It is in fact an unavoidable rule which 'everyone', except me it seems, already knows.

Note, that if you have airport shopping, you are in fact allowed this in addition, and therefore I believe this is yet another pointless rule (yes, I am on my soapbox today).

Totally just trying it on to get you to pay more for additional baggage and in my view down right cheeky.

I urge you to take a suitable carrier bag along for any excess carry on bags that you may feel are necessary. that is if you haven't already worked this out for yourself ;).

The good news, and total news to me (as I was actually aware of this particular flaw in their service), is that EasyJet recently announced that seat allocations will be put in place in the more immediate future.  To be honest that isn't really going to make me travel with this low cost airline again any time soon. The better news is that our return flight will be with BA ;)!

Clearly I have a lot to learn about budget airlines. I will know next time to pay the surcharge up front or perhaps stick to the more reasonable airlines, which incidentally have always come up cheaper on at least the last 7 trips I have booked.

You may be glad to hear that we arrived safely in Verona and have spent the afternoon/evening taking in Riva Del Garda on the North of Lake Garda... I promise that normal blog service will resume tomorrow, so check back soon x

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Crocs away unless it rains

This time tomorrow I should be packed and ready to embark on yet another quick break. 

Not as last minute as some of my trips this year, I actually booked this a month or so ago, when I stumbled across a special offer for 3 nights that turned out to be unavailable, but did in fact have me frantically searching for an alternative having got my hopes up of adding another country to my collection.

So, where am I off to... did I forget to mention that bit!  Lake Garda ... Italy...

Oddly enough I'm actually struggling to find much in the way of information about Lake Garda on the web.  There are the usual sites advertising accommodation and packages, but there seems to be very little in the way of info to help the independent traveller, and that includes details of how to get around without hiring a car.  Worry not - I think we have the getting there from Verona airport, partly sorted.  I'm more curious to determine how we get back to Verona and enjoy the city on our last day... :)!

Of course I'm very much looking forward to putting my feet up a little after the last few weeks at work almost forcing me into an early retirement (I wish!).  Most of all I am looking forward to the walking, as I have heard the surrounding area is a walkers heaven, and I can see from the geocaching site that there are plenty of tubs to keep me occupied too.

We will be staying in Riva del Garda, at the Northern end of the lake, but I'm already promised a trip down to the South and Sermione to sample some of the ruins and reminisce over my fellow traveller's last visit there.  By my calculations she was actually on her honeymoon... but I will grill Cat over the weekend for slightly better details.

The good news is I have some new shoes to try out that I won online and which will accompany my now well worn Crocs.  My travel companion, Cat, will be glad that the Crocs will be put away at least whilst I give the new Cheekyshoes a try.  Fingers crossed the weather doesn't remain as forecast or I will be needing a new umbrella, and my trusty Crocs will have to come out to play anyway!

Edit: Photo added after deciding the walking boots were necessary too!
All recommendations and tips to ensure we get the most out of our trip to Lake Garda (via Verona) would be greatly appreciated, even after departure as we have 4 days to fill!

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Next stop Lake Garda

Well, just a very quick post today - having updated a weeks worth of scheduled posts on my other blog ready for my departure to Lake Garda for a long weekend, I thought I should probably start updating my travel site and my current travelpod of course will follow from Friday.

Please bear with me whilst this site is under construction... when I get some time I hope to post more than just links to my travelpod.

So, with 7 countries conquered so far this year I think I'm doing pretty well!  Although to be honest, fleeting visits over long weekends and 1 proper week long trip isn't really fulfilling my travel bug!

Country number 8 this year will be Italy, with a short trip over to Lake Garda on Friday/Monday.  Watch this space for all the stories...

Sunday, 9 September 2012

GBWR and travel tips

Well I've just had a great few days following the GB Wheelchair Rugby (GBWR) and was also lucky enough to make it along to the Olympic Park and watch 2 of the GB games over in the Basketball stadium.  Despite finishing 5th in the event overall the team made us proud to be British!
I've been busy scrap booking bits from the games, which you will be able to view over at my crafting blog in the next couple of days.  I've also had an opportunity to collate a few bits from my recent travels, which reminded me that I hadn't updated my travel site for sometime.
So I've compiled my list of 'Tips' which you can now find on the relevant page.  All comments will be greatly appreciated and of course there will be more to follow once I find some more time to finish constructing some of the other pages you will eventually find here.
Oh, PS. I've booked a short break to Lake Garda in Italy next month, so all tips would be greatly accepted :).

Sunday, 19 August 2012

Update from Jaded Crafter: Smashing birthday

Jaded Crafter: Smashing birthday: If you are a regular follower of my blog you will know that I celebrated my birthday last week.  I was in Krakow in Poland and spent the da... [see more]