Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Cute shoes: definitely cheeky

I'm starting to think I'm obsessed with shoes - but I can assure you that I'm not!  However, my recent posts may indicate otherwise, with my beloved Crocs that most of my friends turn their noses up at (fortunately I generally only wear them when travelling, so no one see's them!), my walking boots that are in need of replacing for something less clunky, and my love of brown boots (yes, I have 3 pairs now, necessary as the winter sets in!); you really wouldn't expect me to be a fan of a cute little pair of 'pump' type shoes that I recently won in a competition online...

I think the selling point for me is that these little 'Cheeky' shoes (as they are suitably named) fit nicely in whatever bag/case/backpack I happen to have with me and take up virtually no space at all.  You hardly know they are there until you realise you need them. 

More importantly they are a godsend on my feet and really comfortable.  Although I have come accustomed to wearing them around the house (I have wooden flooring downstairs) these brightly coloured footwear have held their own on even reasonably rough terrain.

For example, whilst I was in Lake Garda a few weeks ago, I took them out for a spin on a walk that probably clocked a good couple of miles along a dusty track and cobbled streets.  Although I have to admit to preferring my trainers or walking shoes on this sort of terrain, the Cheeky Shoes surprisingly didn't make the walk as uncomfortable as I was expecting.

I think generally these shoes are much better suited to flat ground, and perhaps not places I tend to frequent whilst travelling as I am a keen walker, and love a good hike or two.  However I'm still packing them in my case for this weekends jaunt to Budapest as I know they will work well with jeans or to dress up my slightly less than formal outfits.

So in my view, to summarise and in response to other reviews I've read...

- Comfortable as long as you are not walking too rough a terrain;
- Easy to pack as they take up little space;
- Funky colour options;
- Dainty and would be great for dancing (I have yet to try them out at a salsa or ceroc class as haven't had time).

- For long periods of wear whilst walking (a lot) I found it necessary to wear socks or footsies inside the shoes as my feet got a little sweaty/hot;
- Toes tend to stick out under the material, but you do get used to this.
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olivia said...

Love these shoes..they look stylish and comfortable

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