Friday, 28 December 2012

So far in Arizona

Well, I've been in Arizona for about 10 days now, so thought it time for a quick update!  Hope everyone is well x

Close to Bullhead City, where I am staying, is the Wild West, so of course I've spent a day in the famous town of Oatman hanging out with the Burros (donkeys) and I've just got back from a road trip to the Grand Canyon, which is a very different experience during zero temperatures, but one not to be missed.

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Oatman - Burros and desert views.

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Plenty more to come :)...

Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Road Trip: desert to world wonder

Wow, the Grand Canyon in the snow is pretty awesome... then again I haven't seen it in the 'not snow' :).

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Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Westward bound

I normally research a place to the extreme prior to visiting, but I made it a point not to do that with Vegas or Arizona and instead am relying a little on those that I am staying with who know these places almost as well as I know London :).

I have just two places I definitely want to visit, the obvious one being Vegas and the other the Grand Canyon.  So as I prepare to take my 10 hour long flight, I have no guide book to absorb on the way and little more than a feeling that this is going to be an amazing experience!

Fingers crossed I get to see this view :)
Check back soon for what I get up to, subject to the World ending as per the the Mayans on the 21st December.

All that is left to say is that I hope you have a very lovely Christmas and New Year x 

Monday, 17 December 2012

Positive about London

Well, I've had a rather positive day catching up with a few people and prepping for my next trip.  

I also found out that I won a kindle and an ebook, and then found myself caught up reading it... which reminded me that I hadn't uploaded my photos from my last trip to London.  The book is about London and hence the reminder.  With such a positive review on the site I won it from (see details here) I'm already getting stuck in, but I managed to tear myself away to get my last trip onto Travelpod to share with you too.

After my day trip to London last month, I decided to spend a few days there and even had my own personal guide ;), so I'm definitely now much more positive about London.

London's museum are great as they are nearly all free to visit.  However I have to recommend the Churchill War Rooms, which must be one of the only museums that you have to pay to see.  But it is worth it, albeit pricey - perhaps there is a way to get discounted tickets or a special deal, they certainly have the option to enter a promotional code on the website for booking in advance?

Check out more details of my visit and the highlights from my 'A real touristy experience' blog post, following my few days in London earlier this month.

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

A tribute to Cambridge: accommodation offerings

I've tried and tested hotels, B&B's and serviced apartments as well as living in rented accommodation during my year or so of working in Cambridge.  Now as promised here are my views on a selection of what is available...

Sunday, 9 December 2012

Take them anywhere...

...and for anything!

What am I referring to?  No, not my beloved crocs...

I received a little package in the post containing some samples of of what can only be described as little sachets (in a strip) of tissues and wipes.

As the name goodtogoanywhere suggests, these little handy packs do just fit into a pocket or handbag, or in my case my geocaching, hiking and travel bag... ie they are good for anywhere.  I have now carried these with me on my trip to Budapest, day trip to London, out geocaching (just a couple) and whilst hiking in the Lake District.

Usually I would carry tissues, wet wipes and antibacterial hand wash to all these places and often just have a pack of tissues in my handbag on a normal working day. 

With these strips I get all 3 in one which means less weight/bulk... and more space for snacks, trackables and anything else I care to carry... so ideal :)!

I did find that the tissues were a little more like those screen wipes bought for cleaning your PC, and a bit odd for blowing your nose on, but they are advertised as 'soft absorbent tissue for wiping whatever you need to' with no mention nose blowing, plus they still achieve the desired effect.

The only downside is the individual wrappers that you have to find a bin for and that could potentially end up being unfriendly on the environment and is that really sustainable these days?

Overall however, I think these little sachets are ingenious... you have to try them to appreciate what I'm saying :).

Check out the goodtogoanywhere website here or why not order some from Ickle Bockles here, as they also supply some lovely travel toiletries and flight compliant bottles which I can highly recommend (see past review here).