Saturday, 8 February 2014

My favourite footwear, ideal for travel - Crocs

You either love them or hate them. But despite efforts from friends and family to convince me that it's not acceptable to wear, let alone own, a pair of Crocs, I still do both everywhere I go... well almost!

Honestly, I totally agree with people who think these are an ugly choice of footwear. But what does that really matter when they are so comfortable, and you can take them anywhere.

I think a post showing my Crocs on my travels, is well overdue. So... Here it is!


They are soft and comfortable. And I'm not the only person who agree's.

Crocs making friends

They are light and airy. They will float on water, and you can even swim in them.

Plus they protect your feet from jellyfish

They keep your feet cool, even when you're on your feet all day.

Definitely my number 1 footwear

They are resistant to bacteria and odor and can be washed easily.

Providing protection when you need it most

They are slip resistant (except when wet).

Ideal for walking on nuts ;)

Whatever the terrain you encounter, Crocs will always protect your feet and ensure you are comfortable whatever the weather. I've hiked in them, climbed rocks, cycled, waded up rivers, and even danced in them. Here they are with me, enjoying a few other adventures:

Ride safely, wear Crocs ;)
Try dinosaur spotting in them
Crawl around (and geocache) in them

Save turtle eggs in them

Yes they look hideous, but so do many other things.

I love these trusty shoes ...