Saturday, 24 May 2014

Dublin: Beautiful Day(s) in a city of culture and tasty tipples

Dublin is the home of Guinness and U2. But what else does this city offer, and is it possible to get away from the cliché night out in Temple Bar surrounded by stags and hens?

I've been to Dublin twice, although it seems I went another time; an old friend and my mum have since reminded me of that. I don't remember it, although perhaps it simply was an alcohol fuelled visit and has been blurred into the pile of raucous weekends away with work colleagues, during my training days, that I try to blank out.

Sunday, 11 May 2014

A hop farm meeting with an extreme geocaching challenge, Beltring (Kent)

Being back in the UK has been surprising, as the renowned grey and rainy skies have started to clear and Spring shows signs of Summer.

Regular readers will already know about my geocaching hobby, which has often taken me to places I would never have ventured otherwise, such as the islands of Don Sao in Laos, which required a boat trip over the border from Thailand.

There are many others (see here), but the UK, where I live, is where you will find me at my geocaching 'best'.