Sunday, 24 August 2014

10 Ljubljana landmarks

Earlier this month, I headed to Slovenia for a short break.

Although the main focus for the visit was celebrating turning another year older, in Bled, we couldn't miss an opportunity for a day in the capital, Ljubljana.

In my previous post, Ljubljana, Slovenia - the city in a day, I shared my thoughts on this beautiful Eastern European city, so as a follow up, here is a quick run down of the main landmarks, and a few photos from my trip.

Sunday, 17 August 2014

Eastern Europe: Ljubljana, Slovenia - the city in a day

Although its a capital city, chances are, unless you've landed on this post following a specific search, you probably haven’t heard of Ljubljana in Slovenia.

If you have ventured into Eastern Europe however, you will know that the perceived contrast between the East and the West is very real.

Eastern Europe has such diverse history, architecture and people. The culture and traditions are endless and that is why I urge you to consider taking a trip before it becomes rammed with tourists and globalisation advances this area of the world and the crowds flood in.

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

On a budget: free and discounted things to do in London

If you had asked me my views on London a few years ago, you would have got my take on the city from the eyes of a commuter. However, under the surface of grey, smog and rush hour crowds, there is far more to this city than meets the eye.

In 2012, just before I left the UK for almost a year, I tried and tested some of the touristy things in the capital, and slowly my view began to change.

Since I returned to the UK in April this year, I have found myself spending more and more time exploring London on a day, out and continuously find myself telling people about the great things to see and do there.

I've gone from hating it, to it becoming my home. Which in some ways gives me a little more credibility when I recommend places to go, as they have had to prove themselves to me more so than the offerings of any other city.