Sunday, 26 July 2015

Still unusual: 7 usual things to do in London with an unusual twist

As I continue with my series of posts covering Unusual Experiences (see post here), I thought I would cover some of the more unusual experiences and events that take place at some of the popular tourist sites in London.

So, if you're a visitor to the capital you might want look out for some of these more unusual choices whilst planning to hit the key sights. Or if you've done the tourist bit in London you might find some of these appeal instead.

Sunday, 19 July 2015

Gingerlines Secret Island is no longer a secret #unusualexperience

I was just heading onto the East London overground line at Canada Water, when I felt the buzz of my phone vibrating in my bag.

A text from Gingerline had arrived, a little earlier than expected... But with 4 of us to organise for our latest night out, the earlier we knew where we were headed, the better.

"What a great idea for a birthday present!". Someone at our table, part way through the evening, was certainly taken with the Gingerline experience. And hopefully so was the birthday boy himself!

Gingerline is a multi-dimensional dining experience. When booking you are sworn to secrecy: