Sunday, 18 February 2018

Think twice, before considering Ryanair - February 2018

The recent changes announced by Ryanair in January, removing the ability to take 2 cabin bags on board, were quite controversial it seems. The 1 small bag allowance (roughly the size of a hangbag or laptop holder) is tiny. In fact it potentially restricts most people from taking a bag at all; even a foldaway cloth bag you would now carry to avoid the carrier bag charges in the UK, is too big!

Travelling on a Ryanair flight is something I actively try and avoid, particularly after the cancellations of flights at the back end of last year that left passengers stranded and stuck making alternative arrangements.

Of course, for research purposes and, because I'm tight and didn't want to shell out a couple of extra quid at the time of booking (before these changes came in), I accepted the inconvenience of travelling with Ryanair, just this once. Now I'm regretting my decision.

As I sit crammed into the middle seat (I like the window), on reflection, I can now honestly say I'd rather pay the extra and fly with another airline, than forego the frustrations of Ryanair's new policies.

Sunday, 4 February 2018

Quick list: where to find a bite to eat in Hong Kong

First timers to Hong Kong may find it difficult when trying to find a place to sit down for just a bite to eat. 

There are numerous choices to suit every budget. This is just a quick list with a handful of recommendations from my recent trip to Hong Kong, which may come in handy if it's your first time visiting.

Top tip: don't just eat dim sum, although do try it and eat plenty if you enjoy it.