Bristol Street Art 2018

Bristol is a great city to visit with plenty to do and see throughout the year. Whilst you’re there I would recommend searching out the Street Art. Especially if you want to admire the remaining unprotected pieces by the infamous artist Banksy – before they are no longer. However, there are many other artists featured here also worth checking out. Some started painting before Banksy even, but plenty continue to create there now.

These are the main areas to look with some of the most recent works.

City centre

The area around Nelson Street has some very large murals on the sides of some buildings. Likely to be there for some time as they would be difficult to access and paint over.

Nick Walker

Feek and Paris


This museum is free and a good place to find out a little more about Bristol. They have a couple of Banksy artworks on display and an exhibit featuring Street Art. Take a short walk nearby and you can find the most recent Banksy piece – girl with a pierced eardrum, in Hanover Place.

Stokes Croft

Located in the North East of the city, the area seems to be popular with students and has an arty feel. Many of the side streets are also worth exploring although there is more graffiti than Street Art along many of these roads.




North Street

This area is a giant canvas and the home of the annual Upfest Street Art festival. Many of the large murals change each year to fit with the new theme. There are a few long standing pieces as well. Whatever time of year you visit, there is plenty to see but of course it’s busy during the festival itself.

Emma Compton

The wall opposite Aldi currently has a Simpsons themed piece by Nomad Clan.

Nomad Clan

Matt Groening commissioned other artists to create Simpsons themed works in the area as part Upfest this year, so there are many more pieces to see.

If you want to extend your Street Art viewing to include graffiti as well then there are other places to explore including the Bear pit and Dean Lane skatepark.

Why not take a Street Art tour with Where the Wall and get behind the scenes and up to date info on the latest pieces.


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