Bum guns on my travels and why I recommend you give one a try

I’m a bum gun convert! There, I’ve admitted it. I’ve joined the cult. And I’m embracing this new religion.

Humour aside, I’m not confessing to anything untoward. Many other travellers through South East Asia have done the same during their time there. Look it up, there are blog posts everywhere, everyone is doing it.

What am I talking about?

bum gun south east asia

This is, in my view, one of the most amazing Asian inventions ever. It’s also the answer to why you rarely see toilet paper in a toilet in countries such as Thailand.

This small hose with a spray nozzle on the end, that’s attached to the wall, in practically every toilet in Thailand, and a large number of hotels/restaurants in Malaysia, is used to spray clean your bum. It’s as simple as that. Although I find it quite useful for washing feet too, when the need arises :).

Many travellers are afraid of this little device, but once you’ve sprayed, you will never go back (or you will never spray again!)!

Ok, so, to be honest, the first few times I tried it, I wasn’t absolutely convinced, as it took a bit of getting used to. Practice, of course, makes perfect and after a few goes in the privacy of my hotel bathroom, I was a pro.

There were still a few instances where I debated whether my decision to trial this device was a mistake. For example, in public toilets, where there was a dubious looking hose, usually hanging down on the floor or not looking too clean. Or sometimes the replacement for a bum gun was a bucket and scoop, which really didn’t have the same appeal, for obvious reasons. In these instances I reverted to my stash of tissues. But these moments were rare.

squat toilet with bucket

Make sure you test each gun beforehand, to avoid the potential shock from the water pressure. I learnt this the hard way, after almost blowing myself off the toilet, not just on one occasion. Then there was the opposite problem encountered, where there was not enough pressure, and it was pretty useless.

Finally, with a good technique, soggy pants are a thing of the past.  Short controlled bursts should clean without leaving you in a dripping mess.  You’re not watering plants after all.

If you still end up damp, a dab with a small piece of toilet paper should work.

Of course there are other reasons to embrace the bum gun in South East Asia. It’s better for the plumbing, which is not designed to handle paper. It also reduces smelly toilets, as they often have small bins to dispose of used tissue.

Despite the difference between South East Asia and the Western world, I’m still in support of the bum gun now that I’m back in the UK. In fact, I’ve already found a potential source for one to be installed in my home, when I finally have one again.

Why should YOU use a bum gun?

Think of it like this: Would you use just a tissue to clean poo off your hands (mums and dog walkers may find this easier to imagine)?

No, of course not. So why use toilet paper to clean your nether regions!

Not convinced? Here are numerous other reasons to give it a go:

Good for the environment. Toilet paper uses trees and large amounts of water to make (more than a few sprays from a bum gun).

More hygienic.  Toilet paper puts your hand in close proximity with your behind.  A bum gun provides water to wash the bacteria away. Now be honest.  How often do you thoroughly wash your hands afterwards? With a bum gun… you will! If you have kids, using a bum gun will ensure they are clean and no doubt they will find it fun to use.

Saves you money. Toilet paper costs can add up, it’s potentially unhygienic, and has to be treated with chemicals that are not environmentally friendly.

Like Crocs, which everyone turns their noses up at, I am in support of the bum gun. Two totally different things of course, but my conclusion remains the same: Don’t knock them until you have tried them!


20% Discount Offer on a Bum Gun

So, are you curious to try a bum gun or already a convert? Well, I have linked up with a supplier that supports my case for having one installed in your home. They even have a 100% risk free guarantee, or your money back, as they are so convinced you won’t regret purchasing their Bum Gun.

It turns out it’s even easier than I thought to install this device. You just need a 2 or 3 way valve, depending on your water supply. They have this simple installation video to help everyone get set up easily.

Greg, over at The Bum Gun Bidet Sprayers company, has graciously offered a 20% discount off any Bum Gun in their Living Stainlessly Range. Simply email Greg at info@thebumgun.com with discount code “Jade_20%”  to place your order and redeem your voucher. All their Bum Guns can be viewed at http://www.thebumgun.com/store/

Still unsure? Then just check out the Bum Gun company website for more information here  or their blog here.

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