Little break, Budapest

I’m off to Budapest for a few days for a little break, after being very ill last weekend I will be taking it easy.

To take advantage of the earlier flights I’m departing from Luton, so had the joy of joining the Friday commuters into the city and back out again… Surprisingly it was extremely easy , i think everyone is off (half term?).

Arriving at Kings Cross I was instantly reminded of my last visit here, when I was off to Paris via Eurostar :(.

The station hasn’t changed but they have added a handful of free standing pianos which are painted in a variety of artwork. The great thing is they are available to play and I did spot one very good pianist who was immersed in the moment …

Check back in a few days for Budapest highlights, although I have been before so hopefully I’ll be sharing something new, particularly as the weather is a lot colder than last time I was there.