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I have always been a keen traveller.

Since 2005 I have travelled on some significant trips (ie more than the average 2 week holiday), with Central America, South America, South East Asia and a reasonable amount of Europe now covered off.

You will be able to read about my past travels via my old blog, and I have more recently set up this blog/site in the hope of increasing my travel writing opportunities... fingers crossed!

Anyway, after a number of great trips mainly encountered solo between 2006 and 2009, in 2009 I managed to give the travel bug to my other half, Nick, and we travelled to Nepal together and trekked there in December 2009.

Prior to that, Nick was an avid reader of my blog posts, and for a long time I believe only he and my parents were actually interested in what I was up to! It turns out that my posts are regularly visited by travellers around the world, so I hope that this information is some use to others as well as a record to myself so I don't forget what I have done with my life (at least as far as travelling goes!).

Sadly, Nick was taken from me following a car accident in 2010, just a couple of weeks before we were due to fly to Japan for our next trip.

Since then I have tried to continue my travels around the world as I did before and during 2011 and 2012 covered off a large part of Europe on long weekends breaks and short holidays.

As well as the travelling, I enjoy walking. The 214 Wainwright mountains, in the Lake District (UK), are on the to do list; originally added there by Nick.

I dabble in a little with geocaching (you can read more about the game itself here), so this compliments my travel and walking interests and has had me visiting places I would never have known existed otherwise.

When I'm not out and about, I love to craft and all things creative. I was a demonstrator for a catalogue which funded my more creative hobby, before I took to the road again in 2013. If you are interested my crafty blog can be found here.

As far back as 1992, I have kept scrapbooks and memorabilia that I have collected during holidays and more recently on round the world trips, which I have yet to properly sort out and which currently reside in boxes in storage.

There are many bits and pieces picked up along the way that get incorporated into my travel smash book when I find the time, and my rather amateur photography contributes to the majority of the wall coverings within my home.

One day I will make the time to get all of this stuff fully documented and up to date, but for now my site here, old blog and the numerous note books and scrap books I have kept along the way will remain as the reminder of the times of my life when I have been lucky enough to experience this enormous planet.


Update - February 2014:

I have recently returned from almost a year travelling through Europe and Asia, after having quit my job and rented out my home.

But, you will see from my latest updates, there is still more travel related things going on in my life. In fact I'm hoping to prove that it IS possible to travel when you have a 'normal' life and are caught up in the 9 to 5 grind. I will try to share my recommendations and experiences on a regular basis, so I urge you to keep checking back or to sign up to follow my posts.


Update - January 2017:

Wow doesn't time fly! More recently I've found returning to places I've been before have been enlightening and the second visit generally is an improvement on the first. Some places I just keep going back to... Thailand for example, just love it! In fact Bangkok is one of my favourite cities to visit, which is saying something after I hated it the first time I set foot there!

Having recently finally made it to Myanmar (Burma) after a failed attempt in 2014, I'm heading back to the North of Morroco this year. After a visit to the South in 2015 opened my eyes, following a bad experience in Marrakesh a few years back, it is a beautiful country with so much to see and do. I can't wait!


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