Take them anywhere…

…and for anything!

What am I referring to?  No, not my beloved crocs…

I received a little package in the post containing some samples of of what can only be described as little sachets (in a strip) of tissues and wipes.

As the name goodtogoanywhere suggests, these little handy packs do just fit into a pocket or handbag, or in my case my geocaching, hiking and travel bag… ie they are good for anywhere.  I have now carried these with me on my trip to Budapest, day trip to London, out geocaching (just a couple) and whilst hiking in the Lake District.

Usually I would carry tissues, wet wipes and antibacterial hand wash to all these places and often just have a pack of tissues in my handbag on a normal working day.

With these strips I get all 3 in one which means less weight/bulk… and more space for snacks, trackables and anything else I care to carry… so ideal :)!

I did find that the tissues were a little more like those screen wipes bought for cleaning your PC, and a bit odd for blowing your nose on, but they are advertised as ‘soft absorbent tissue for wiping whatever you need to’ with no mention nose blowing, plus they still achieve the desired effect.

The only downside is the individual wrappers that you have to find a bin for and that could potentially end up being unfriendly on the environment and is that really sustainable these days?

Overall however, I think these little sachets are ingenious… you have to try them to appreciate what I’m saying :).

Check out the goodtogoanywhere website here or why not order some from Ickle Bockles here, as they also supply some lovely travel toiletries and flight compliant bottles which I can highly recommend (see past review here).