Where to visit in 2018

The 2018 recommendations from Lonely Planet (countries and cities) and Rough Guides (destinations) make interesting reading as always, and in fact, I’m able to second a few of those for sure.

As for my own list of where to visit in 2018 – it’s hard to start a new year without compiling more than one. Of course I’ve already planned most of my travels over the next 12 months, leaving room for a little last minute flexibility as well – I’m anticipating the highlight will be India as a return visit is planned (hopefully, if the Taj is uncovered after it’s recent clean up).

Rather than share my New Year resolutions, now is a good moment to look back on this time last year, whether or not my plans were ever fulfilled and share a few recommendations.

With another visit to Morocco I was able to cover a large part of the North, in March, and in conclusion, I definitely preferred the South. Northern Morrocco is much more Westernised (many people speak English) and by comparison has a lot more tourism, making it easier to travel around, although we were with a group. Transportation is difficult (although it is doable solo, if you plan or minimise your destinations), so a tour is recommended if you are planning to travel to more than a couple of places.

Group tours definitely make it easier when time is limited

Unfortunately the trip to India had to be postponed – due to the Taj being covered. Although I’m sure if I hadn’t been aware of this it probably wouldn’t have been an issue in the end. I’ve previously visited quite a bit of India, including Agra, where the Taj is situated. However, my other half hasn’t and it didn’t seem fair to let his first experience of this interesting country involve scaffolding on one of the most magnificant buildings I have ever seen. As indicated above, India is back on the list for 2018 so fingers crossed.I will continue to recommend Morrocco for a visit, it’s warm (unless you visit in the peak of winter as we have done) and can be exceptionally hot in the summer months. If you are a foodie then my ‘Must try Moroccan meals’ list might lure you into a visit if you haven’t already been there.

Instead, I finally made it to Albania this year, which has been on my list for a long long time. What an eye opener (see my ‘Impressions of Albania‘ post for more) and absolutely top of my list of recommendations when it comes to just about any type of holiday ‘Plan a visit to Albania before it changes‘ and you will not be disappointed.

Albania’s capital Tirana would be great for a city break

Zero city breaks for me in 2017 – need to change that for 2018 me thinks.Croatia also made the list, with a return visit to Dubrovnik (see Dubrovnik 6 years on: and tips to avoid the crowds), and a little island hopping.

So, I ended the year with another extended break, to Taiwan (capturing Hong Kong and Macau as well), so plenty more reasons to scratch my head over ‘How many countries are there?‘ and attempt to determine exactly how many I have now visited – the jury is still out!

Where to go in 2017 and would you recommend it? Have you made your 2018 travel plans – if so, do share, not only am I curious, I’m looking for recommendations as always…

Tiggerbird cheers Korcula


Happy New Year to you all and do check back soon to hear more from my travels.