Why I try to get creative on my travels

I often end up with too much to carry, as I stuff my bag with “just a few bits” of craft stuff that I find along the way. I’m disciplined, but I’m still a crafter at heart, so I try to find each and every opportunity to get creative on my travels.


For example, when I was volunteering on a turtle conservation project in Tioman Island in July last year, I made ‘turtle’ ash trays out of empty drinks cans!

Recycled ash tray made from ‘Sprite’ can

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Local Life

What I like most about getting creative on my travels, other than the obvious, is that these opportunities sometimes give me an insight into local life as well.

When I was in Chiang Mai, in November, I enjoyed getting creative with a few banana leaves, for Loi Krathong, which is celebrated at the same time as Yi Peng.

Krathong efforts

See more, including a detailed tutorial, over on my craft site: Making Krathong, banana leaves boat.

Craft supplies

Despite finding opportunities to be creative, I also can’t resist the many craft supplies around the world that I find when I travel. One of my favourites is mulberry style papers which used in the making of all sorts of products, including souvenirs, all over Asia. It’s quite popular in the craft world back home in the UK too.

Here’s a card I made with mulberry paper flowers, I found in Chiang Mai, Thailand; for my Mum’s birthday last year.

Yes, I’m a crafter at heart and I’m always trying to seek out opportunities to make something and get creative on my travels. When I can’t I just collect bits and bobs to take home and include in my scrapbook or handmade cards.