Welcome to Tiggerbird’s Travels – where I share ways to get creative on your travels, along with travel news and advice.

I travel whenever I can, but still have a fair bit of the World to cover. These days I tend to spend time reminiscing and returning to places to get under the skin of local life so ticking boxes isn’t a priority.

My travel style

I’m a strong believer in giving something back, so when time permits I will find opportunities to volunteer or do something for the local community, especially when visiting poorer countries. The experience can be humbling, hard work and eye opening, but this really gives my travels some meaningful purpose. Plus there is always a good story to tell, and some advice or news to share along the way. Read more about this on my Volunteering page.

I prefer to search out places off the beaten track, even in destinations on the beaten track. When back home in the UK, I can’t resist doing something a little different. You will find plenty of my posts from London and often with an unusual perspective, as the UK has surprised me with the variety of things to see, do and experience. After all there is often a lot more on your doorstep than most people realise.

If the truth be known, doing something creative and crafty on my travels would put me in my element, so this is where I consider myself unique to many other travellers and travel bloggers. Often when travelling these sorts of opportunities are rare and difficult to find. So, it’s often more a case of collecting bits and bobs from my travels to take home and include in my scrapbook or handmade cards. Every opportunity I get to make, create or experience traditional or hand made ways, I’m there and will always share these experiences wherever possible.

My writing

At the beginning, I kept a hand written journal and blog to share stories and photos from my travels with friends and family back home. So, for a long time these were just the ramblings of a solo traveller. However, as I met people on my travels and shared my experiences online, my posts were getting more and more visitors.

After someone suggested that the information I had collated, might be useful to like minded travellers, I set up a website which now means my writing is a little more focussed on sharing news and advice that I have picked up along the way.

You will find information from specific countries under the Destination menu, which I’m working on refining, so in the meantime please use the categories filter to search for posts.

Feel free to get in touch and ask my view or advice on anything travel or related. I’d love to hear from you.

Thanks for stopping by.