Tiggerbird’s travel site Facebook page launched

I’ve just launched a Tiggerbird’s travel site fan page on Facebook and would like to encourage anyone who wants to follow this blog through FB to “Like” it.

It should provide a direct feed of all the content that I post on here. In addition I will share some of the things that often are not worthy of a blog post, such as travel news and advice that I stumble across during my travels.

The main reason for creating a Facebook page is to help with the amount of admin I have to deal with on the road and to encourage adhoc visitors to return.

For those who don’t get my email updates or don’t have time to drop by here directly, this will help with staying current with what I’m up to and what is happening in the world of travel.

I maintain this site/blog to update readers on what I am up to, and post periodically about my experiences, advice and insights into a travellers’ world. In addition, there is my old blog, which tends to be more specific to each destination that I visit. I also make contributions to other things around the web. The next stage will be to condense things into one place, but that’s a bigger challenge.

So, if you’d like to start (or continue!) getting updates in your feed on Facebook, please stop by the new page and “Like” it.