Street Art on my travels

In recent years I’ve found that wherever I travel there is Street Art to find. What’s great about this is, that it’s rarely permanent, so always changing.

Street Art has long been a popular movement. Found on buildings, pavements, street signs and pretty much everywhere and all around the world. What we once knew as just graffiti is now also a huge contributor to some of this Street Art. Although I’m not condoning the illegality of graffiti, some of it is pretty good. Even some museums display pieces of Street Art, which have been valued at significant prices.

Personally, I love the variety of Street Art, from paintings to sculptures, stickers to knitting. However, the spray paint style is definitely one of my favourites.

So, by way of introduction, this post is the first in what I hope to be a series, depicting Street Art from my travels.

There are many ways you can experience Street Art around the world, so I thought I would start off with recommending some of those.


It’s really interesting to see the artists at work and hang out amongst the crowds at a Street Art festival.

A good place to start, when searching for events, is the Meeting of Styles website. These events take place Worldwide, throughout the year. With the next few months including Houston, Peru and Brazil.

Certain cities around the world host annual events. For example Upfest takes place in Bristol (UK) in July. Cyprus also has a number of annual events, and even Hong Kong now holds a festival each year.

Upfest street art, Angus

Work by Angus

Walking tour

If you prefer to admire the art when it’s less busy, make sure you search out where to find the best Street Art at your next destination, because it’s everywhere. There are websites with maps and tours, some of which I will be sharing in future posts. In many cities, guides offer Street Art tours but you can easily do these independently.

At home

As I mentioned at the start of this post, Street Art changes all the time. The nature of this artwork allows other artists, or unfortunately graffiti too, to be created over pieces, again and again. Many of the festivals whitewash walls each year to allow the artwork to be replaced, meaning a return visit will have something new on display.

Search out Street Art in your home country, and you can revisit streets on your doorstep in a different light each time.

Popular artists

The most famous, or well known Street artist, is probably Banksy. But there are others such as Invader and Shepard Fairly who have been around for years. You can travel the world following the works of many artist’s, which is just another reason to travel as much as possible.

Banksy, Shoreditch London

Get creative

On of my favourite experiences was taking a Street Art tour and workshop in Shoreditch in London. As well as seeing some of the current art and learning a little more about the underground world, I got to give it a try. It’s a lot lot harder than it looks. Using stencils helped but try spraying a can of paint without it running, let alone make it look like an image. Since then I’ve always admired Street Art and the skill that goes into many pieces.

Check back soon for more Street Art posts from my travels, or follow me on Facebook or Twitter.

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