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The taking of photographs has increased more than ever before. However, the digital age is starting to indicate that print is dead, or dying at least; with a significant decline in the actual physical printing of photographs. Smart phone users will share their pictures on social media, but often many photos are simply forgotton. I like to get creative with my travel photo’s; of course!

Not that long ago

I remember the days of dropping off film, for processing, and having to decide whether to pay the extra cost for 24 hour processing. There weren’t really any other options to get to view your pictures in those days!


People only print a minuscule of their photos to share a memory, as the cost is outweighed by the accessibility to technology, which is much more convenient. Photo’s are more about quality rather than quantity, with the best being selected for sharing on social media and a limited few printed and stored.


A physical photo album really is a rare sight. The older you are the more likely you are to have a collection of photo albums. Would it be unfair for me to suggest the youth of today, just don’t print photo’s or keep photo albums?

I’m possibly showing my age now. However, I must confess to still printing my photo’s, albeit a much smaller selection than in the past. I also like to be creative with these, and spend time filling albums using the Project Life approach created by Becky Higgins.

Project Life Examples

Here are some of my pages from places visited in Thailand:


Chiang Mai

Ao Nang

I really recommend doing something similar with your photos.

You just need to purchase an Album, select a card Kit, then slip your photo’s into the Pocket Pages along with the cards. It really is that simple.

Note that US readers will be able to find the products at the links provided above, but UK readers are probably best purchasing the same items from a site such as Amazon, to save on postage. I recommend the travel themed pack to start with, but do search for Project Life albums and pocket pages too.


If you step into the world of DIY photo printing, you may also discover a new hobby. Learning to print can be a struggle at first. With understanding, appreciation, and, at some point, enjoyment for the craft, there’s another level of experience to be had. Experiment, be creative and enjoy escaping from technology. I highly recommend it.

No time or can’t be bothered?

The reality is that there is no guarantee that the technology of tomorrow will be able to read the photos you take today, unless you keep up to date with modernising your storage. Digital backups are important but they may not outlive the tradition of a printed photograph, which physically exists.

Take a trillion photos and forget most of them, but print one or two. Do it right, by framing, mounting and displaying. Enjoy it and take pride in it.

Memories fade, but photo’s help to keep them alive.

Other ideas

Here are a few other ideas for your photo’s or good for gifts:

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